Hello, I am Jon White A seasoned professional in the real estate industry with a strong background in development analysis, business strategy, site assembly, and sensitivity analysis. Throughout my career, I have applied my natural analytical skills, honed through my university degrees, to create new places for people to live and work.

My journey in real estate began unexpectedly after my previous career in the Snowsports Industry came to an end. It was during the early stages of my tenure with new property owners that I gained invaluable insights into how residents occupy property, which has shaped my approach to development.

In addition to asset management, I possess a strong aptitude for business strategy. I excel in site assembly, development options, alternative use assessments, and working closely with investors to meet their requirements. I have successfully managed joint ventures and focused on team building and development. Furthermore, I leverage technology to enhance workflow and accuracy, streamlining processes for optimal efficiency.

One of my core strengths is development modeling and residual appraisal work. I have a deep understanding of Excel modeling, employing dynamic appraisal and cash flow techniques to enable efficient multi-dimensional sensitivity analysis. This allows me to make well-informed decisions and assess various scenarios.

Throughout my career, I have gained valuable planning experience by working on high-profile projects. I have been involved in master planning for a £1.5 billion scheme in Southwark and secured planning for a 488-unit build-to-rent scheme in Manchester. I have also designed schemes for presentation to planners in various locations across the UK, including Manchester, Woking, Lambeth, Camden, and Tower Hamlets. Additionally, I have engaged in negotiations with multiple local councils and reviewed planning policies for numerous areas.

Currently I am advising clients in a wide spectrum of Real Estate matters and undertaking development projects for myself.

Please get in contact to discuss your needs or ask any advice.