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Jon White specialises in Real Estate Development Site and Scheme Due Diligence. With extensive experience on the developer side reviewing schemes to present to funders he understands the significance of thoroughly evaluating proposed development sites and schemes to ensure successful real estate projects. As needed drawing on industry contact and select advisors. This comprehensive service provides detailed analysis and expert recommendations, empowering you to make informed investment decisions and maximise the potential of your development ventures.

The Real Estate Development Site and Scheme Due Diligence Review service encompasses the following key areas which can be provided individually, a combination of or a bespoke service as required:

  1. Site Assessment: I conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the proposed development site, considering factors such as location, accessibility, planning policy & regulations, infrastructure availability, and neighbouring developments. Our experts assess the site’s suitability for the intended development, identifying potential opportunities and constraints.
  2. Scheme Feasibility Analysis: I scrutinise the proposed development scheme, including design plans, project scope, cost estimates, and construction timelines. The team assesses the scheme’s feasibility in terms of market demand, financial viability, and alignment with your investment goals.
  3. Financial Evaluation: A thorough financial analysis of the proposed scheme is undertaken, including detailed cost projections, revenue forecasts, funding requirements, and potential returns on investment. Our experts assess the scheme’s financial viability, ensuring it aligns with your financial objectives and generates attractive returns.
  4. Risk Assessment: I identify and evaluate potential risks associated with the proposed development site and scheme. This includes analysing factors such as market conditions, regulatory compliance, construction risks, environmental considerations, and potential delays. Our risk assessment enables you to mitigate risks effectively and make informed decisions to safeguard your investment.
  5. Market Analysis: I conduct a comprehensive analysis of the local real estate market, considering factors such as supply and demand dynamics, competition, rental yields, and market trends. The market analysis provides valuable insights into the demand and potential success of the proposed development, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the market positioning and profitability of the project.
  6. Report and Recommendations: Upon completion of the due diligence review, I provide you with a detailed report summarising our findings, key risks, and opportunities associated with the proposed development site and scheme. The report includes actionable recommendations to guide your decision-making process and enhance the success of your development venture.

Jon White is committed to delivering high-quality due diligence services for real estate development projects. With our Real Estate Development Site and Scheme Due Diligence Review service, you can confidently evaluate proposed development opportunities, mitigate risks, and optimise your investment strategies.

Contact me today to discuss your specific requirements and how my expertise can assist you in making sound investment decisions, ensuring successful real estate developments that maximise returns and deliver long-term value.